Located in Frangoneiro, on the outskirts of Portalegre, in the lands of the High Alentejo, is Tapada do Chaves, a property that gives rise to quality wines recognized for nearly 100 years.

With 60 hectares of land and 32 hectares of vineyard heritage, including 23 grape varieties and nine hectares of white grape varieties, Tapada do Chaves is located in an area strongly influenced by the Serra de São Mamede and the agro-orestal cover that gives it a specific and decisive microclimate for the quality and typicity of the wines produced there. There are few wineries in Alentejo that have been in existence for more than a century.

Tapada do Chaves is therefore a unique case in the Alentejo panorama. It is a special place, unique in its heritage. Located on a granite massif and with a generous altitude that allows the slow and complete ripening of the grapes, which is reflected in very pure aromas in the wines and a unique freshness in the reds and whites.

Its history dates back to the beginning of the 20th century when, in Frangoneiro, Mr. Chaves planted on his small estate (Tapada) the first vineyards, starting a relationship of passion and dedication to the land.

In Tapada do Chaves there are two of the oldest vineyards of the Alentejo, in production, with registration in the last years 1901 (old ink vineyard) and 1903 (old white vineyard).

From the beginning of its history, Tapada do Chaves has been distinguished by enviable awards and distinctions that can still be seen today in the different rooms that make up the historic cellar of this property. Having a Tapada do Chaves on the table or in the basement quickly came to mean having the best that Alentejo could give. From these famous wines, a good freshness was gloated without prejudice of a generous and velvety body.

The longevity of these wines, especially the reds, is also one of their glories. It is also thanks to the excellence of the "Tapada do Chaves" wines and their recognition that the Alentejo has also obtained the Denomination of Controlled Origin.

In July 2017, a new administration in Tapada do Chaves took over. It intends to revive the wines produced on the property and regain the fame that the wines once achieved. "The wines of Tapada do Chaves have always been one of the most prestigious in Portugal.

It is a manual, artisanal work, adapted to the boutique wines that are now presented

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